The layout of your homes

The layout consists of sections and columns. Each section has its own permission settings, title and look. Columns that are added to a section can be altered for width by drag-and-drop on the line between two columns. 

Adding modules to your homes

Modules contain the content you want to display on your homes.

To add a module to a section on the home:

  1. Click the Add Module button, the module menu will be displayed. 
  2. Click on the module of your choice, and make the settings you want for it.
  3. Hit Save (for the module)
  4. And then Save for the layout.

Visit our Modules Documentation to understand what each Content Module contains.

You can drag and drop modules to different sections of your layout.

Adding custom content to a home

Adding custom content such as a headline, an image or a table is just as easy as adding a module. 

  1. Click the Add module button, the module menu will be displayed. 
  2. Click on the Confluence Content.
  3. The Confluence page editor will be displayed, and you can add the content you want to, including other macros. 
  4. Hit Save (for the module)
  5. And then Save for the layout.

You can still add your custom wiki markup by adding a new item, open the editor and choosing Insert->Wiki Markup.
This can be used to add macros not visible in the macro browser.

Using templates

When you are editing a home, you can start off from a template. The available templates can be found clicking the Start from template button. 

A template will be saved as a version, so if you change your mind you can restore to your previous setting. 

Applying View Permissions to Site and Category Home

You can define which users see which sections of content on your site and category home sections. Follow the instructions on how to do this here

Permissions for editing homes

The following permissions are applied to the different homes:

Global site homeEveryone who is allowed to use Confluence can see the main dashboard. The global site home can only be edited by users in the confluence-administators group.
Site homesUsers allowed to see the site will see the site home as well as administrators. Site homes can only be edited by users in the confluence-administators group.
Category homesAll users who are allowed to view the category can view the category home.The category homes can be edited by category administrators and Confluence administrators.
Global User Dashboard*The global user dashboard can only be edited by Confluence administrators.
User Dashboards*Individual users may edit their own user dashboards when allowed in the theme configuration. All user dashboards can be viewed by all logged in users. They can also be viewed by anonymous users, if an administrator permits it in both the global Confluence permissions and in the theme configuration.

 * the user dashboard is available when activated on the main Theme Configuration page.

For Space Layout Permissions, please see Space Layout.