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Displays a search form with a custom background. Starting in version 2.1 users can search for Knowledge Base articles, Request Types and Navigation Pages.

The Search Module is setup to search the context of your choice, and displays results as you type your search.

Use the JSD - Confluence Knowledge Base connection, or setup your search to search several or all of Confluence spaces using an Application Link. 

Adding the Search Highlight module to a JSD site, category or customer portal

On the Site home, Category home, or customer service desk, click the edit pen in the top right corner to open up the layout editor.

Click to Add Module to the subsequent section and select Search Highlight

Edit the settings accordingly.

On a Search Highlight you can set the copy, the search, knowledge base settings, background image or color plus further look and feel details. Learn more about the custom knowledge base settings here and connecting to multiple Confluence spaces.

Save the layout

Recommended links

Add your Recommended Links. These are links added by the Jira Admin or agents to anywhere on the web. Recommended links are configured by a system admin from the site settings, or by a project admin or agent in the project page of Jira. Learn more about configuring Recommended Links.

Recommended Links will automatically be included in the search results once they are configured.

Knowledge Base Custom Settings 

Connect knowledge bases to your search using the knowledge base settings in your Jira Projects. Use the custom settings in Search Highlight to add more targeting to the search results. 

Search for

Check these boxes if you wish to show them in the search hits:

  • Confluence Pages
  • Confluence Questions
Confluence URL

Specify the exact Applink that should be used to search, including the port.

SpaceEnter the Space key/s for the spaces you want to search. If left empty the entire Confluence will be searched.
Open inChoose whether the link should be opened in a new tab/window or not.
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