To have the same modern and clean result as this on your portal, follow the steps below. 

Use the "Fill Background" setting to give your portal a modern and sharp look.

The "Fill Background" feature sharpens the portal design by filling out the content to the full width of the browser window.  

To activate Fill Background on a theme

Go to: Admin > Add-ons > RefinedTheme > Themes 

Choose a theme to edit

Click Customer Portal in the feature menu

Activate the Fill Background setting

Save your theme. Navigate to the newly edited portal to see the result!

Add some of the portal content features to finish with both a modern and clean look

There are many content features you can add to your portal for a portal rich in content easy to locate. Here we share a few with you. 

To add these neat content features to your portals

Click the button of your portal

Add a Navigation Highlight module or a Search Highlight module to the first row.

Add a background image or a set a background color on the recently added module.


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