In RefinedTheme 6.1 we're introducing previews and drafts of site and category homes. This means that you can make preparations and see how things come together before your users are there to see it.

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Available from RefinedTheme Version 6.1.0

How it works

The draft and preview tool is accessible from the Layout Editor

A user that can edit the home, will see the layout editor. Whenever anyone makes a change, the draft is automatically saved. When the Layout Editor is closed, the draft will remain accessible the next time someone goes in to make changes. When a draft exists these changes can be seen in the preview, and you get to the preview by hitting Preview.

To publish the changes, hit the Publish button, this will also reset your drafts as no draft exists when all changes have been published. 

Working with your layout

Edit your Site Home or Category home.

Make changes to your layout. Whenever you make a change, the draft is saved and this is indicated by a flash in the top area.

Press the Preview button to preview the result, and the Publish button to Publish your changes.

Layout Editor

Preview Layout

No preview button?

This simply means that your versions are in sync, there is no draft that has not been published. Make any change and the button will show up.

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