In Refined version 2.1 we introduced previews and drafts for any Refined page in the Site. This means that you can fully prepare your layouts before you publish them for the users.

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How it works

The draft and preview tool is accessible when editing a Refined Page.

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To publish the changes, use the Publish button, this will also reset your drafts as no draft exists when all changes have been published. 

Working with your layout

Drafts & automatic saving

Whenever anyone makes a change, the draft is automatically saved. When the Layout Editor is closed, the draft will remain accessible the next time someone goes in to make changes. When a draft exists these changes can be seen in the preview, and you get to the preview by clicking Preview. 

When the editor is opened again, the user will get an indication there is a saved, unpublished draft, and who made the change. 


The preview of the layout is shown in a separate tab as you click the Preview button in the top right corner. 


When the layout is published it will be visible to all users and a version of the layout is saved. This version can be shown in the Version dropdown, and a version can be restored to a previous one. 


Any version that is published can be restored. 

You can export and import layouts between instances, servers or within a Site. 

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