Promoted Search Results are used to enhance your users' search experience of your entire Refined site (global), or specific parts of your Refined site.

When your users are on specific sections of your site that may consist of Service Management portals, Confluence Spaces, Jira projects, or Refined Pages, Promoted Search Results show up in the search when matched with key search terms. The links you add can be from anywhere on the web.

These are a great solution if you don't want to recreate information that already exists, or if you want to guide your customers to the right information and reduce the time spent looking through documentation.

Any links you add to Promoted Search Results will be shown in the Search Highlight module and a site's Global search.

Promoted Search Results can be used globally (for an entire Refined site), or applied contextually to specific parts of a Refined site. For example, you can add these links for a part of your site that is a Service Management portal.

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What's in a link?

A Promoted Search Result link has the following

TitleThis is what a user making the search will see
URLWhere the content is, this can be any URL (on the web or intranet, etc)
Open in new windowSetting to open in same or new tab
Match wordOne or several words for when this link should show up. Tip: Add several by adding a comma between them.

Creating and Managing Promoted Search Results on Site, Category or Global

Promoted Search Results can be managed from the site via the Audience Features menu in a site's Refined administration. In this view you'll get an overview of what links are currently active on your site, on categories and on portals, and some statistics for their use. 

JSM agents, project admins, admins, and other users can no longer create/edit links via Jira. This can now only be done via the Refined configuration. If the user has no access to Refined Configuration, they can be added as a Refined Admin, where they will get access.

Link Statistics

No one likes content that is out of date. In order to help you identify what your users are looking for, we keep track of how many times a link has been clicked, and when it was last clicked. This means that you can clean out and delete the ones that are no longer serving their purpose. 

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