We're closing in on development on the next major version on Refined for Jira, extending it beyond Jira Service Desk to also include the possibility to refine your Jira projects. 

Joining the BETA program

You are welcome to join the BETA program - this means that you will get a pre-production build of our app to test out for features, scope, bugs, thoughts, and more. 

Don't install it in a production environment - this will not be a stable version and you may need to desert it in the future. 

Don't install in production!

This beta version needs to be on Jira 8.0 or higher to run. 

What's new in the product?

We're entering a lot of new features into this product, and here's some of them:

  • Refined for Jira - add Jira projects to your Refined Sites. 
  • Introducing Refined Admins and Site Admins - this means you do not need to be a jira-admin to administer the Refined settings. 
  • New Theme Editor
  • and more. 

This is not a complete list. 

How do you install?

You can install this on any Jira - Jira Core - Jira Software - Jira Service Desk (running Jira 8.0 and up). 

Head over to Jira Administration > Manage apps > Refined Configuration to get started. 

Download Refined for Jira beta jar no 6

Beta jar no 6 is available as of  

Got feedback?

We're happy to hear any thoughts and bugs and questions and input you may have for us. Use this button to file it. 

Contact Refined Support to provide feedback

Login to support.refined.com required for this above, and you can easily sign up or sign in. 

You can also get feedback to us using the feedback button in the Refined Admin section. 

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