What does it do?

The Search modules is used on homes to enable users to easily find content. The module does not have any background options and will be surrounded by the context of which it is placed.

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Introducing CQL

With 2.0 we've added the possibility to work with CQL on modules. This means that you can configure your search to be just about anything. Learn more about CQL here: Using CQL in modules. To enable CQL on your module, switch the filter to Advanced.


Adding the Search module to a home

Click the edit pen to open up the layout editor on the site or category home you wish to add the text to.

To edit a site home you need to be a Confluence administrator.

To edit a category home you need to be a Confluence administrator or a category administrator.

Click Add module on the subsequent section.

Click Search.

There are several display options for the news module for you to choose from.

Make configurations to the setup, as you wish to display content.


Editing a Search module on a home

On the module you wish to edit, click Edit.

If you have made settings before, you can also click on the setting showing in the module editor for easy access.

Make the changes you want.