Available from version 2.1

With RefinedTheme version 2.1 we've extended the Search features of the search and Knowledge Base setup, making it possible browse pages from Confluence from a popup article in JIRA Service Desk.

This setting applies for the Search Highlight module and the Knowledge base articles module.


Ordinary article popup from Knowledge Base

Article popup from Knowledge Base with page tree from Confluence

There are a few steps to setup JSD so that you can browse Confluence from an article.

  • Search Module setting
  • Knowledge Base module setting

Go to Manage add-ons > Theme Configuration > Knowledge Base

In order for this to work, you need to have a setup as specified in the top toggle button. When that is enabled, the rest of the choices are enabled too. If you want the page tree showing in the popup, enable the first setting.

Knowledge base articles module setup

Go to the site home, the category home of the Service Desk portal you're adding the module to, then add the module.

In the settings of the module, change "Open link in" to "Pop up (Only for articles)".

Search module

The search module will automatically show your results when you type. When someone clicks an article, it will show up as you have specified in the admin settings above.