For more info on the 2.1 release, please read the 2.1.0 release notes

Download Refined Toolkit 2.1.3 for Confluence

Announcing Refined Toolkit for Confluence Data Center

Early next year we're planning on launching a Data Center approved version of Refined Toolkit for Confluence.

Data Center approved apps will follow the same annual subscription model as your Data Center host products, meaning it will be a paid version of the app (you can read more about it here: 

Note that the Server version of Refined Toolkit will continue to be free of charge!

With this comes guarantees that the app has been tested to perform at scale and being eligible for our enhanced Data Center support SLA. It will also allow us to further improve the app and continue to add features.
More information will be available when the release get's closer. If you have any questions regarding this, don't hesitate to contact us through

Some additional information about Atlassian's Data Center Approval program can be found in the pdf below:

Refined Toolkit on Confluence Mobile

This release enables all Toolkit macros to be rendered using Confluence Mobile! 

Other fixes