Refined for Jira 3.0 is a major product update containing an amazing set of new features. We have also done significant changes in the underlying data structure to enable the new features and to improve performance. There are two types of migrations in this release, an automatic one that is triggered when the app is installed and a manual one that the user must start by entering the Refined Configuration page. Please note that you need to perform the manual migration in order for the app to work as expected. You can do this directly after you have upgraded the app in UPM.

Steps to upgrade

Make sure that you are on Refined for Jira version 2.0.10 or later. If not, please upgrade to version 2.0.10 or 2.1.10 before upgrading to 3.0.x.

Go to Manage apps and find Refined in the list of installed apps. If you're not on the latest version, you should see a button to upgrade to the latest version. Click on the upgrade button.

If you're not on the latest version and you don't see the Upgrade button, you can always download the JAR file from the Atlassian Martketplace. 

Once you have upgraded to the latest version, click on the Get started button. If you don't see the Get started button, you can navigate to the Refined administration using the link in the left navigation bar of Jira.

In the Refined administration page, you should see a button prompting to Upgrade the data. Click on the Upgrade button to finish the migration of data. You can now continue to use Refined.

What happens in the migrations?

In the automatically triggered background migration data is moved from one table to another. In the user triggered migration data is added to the tables and some data is manipulated and placed back into the tables.  

Can I downgrade?

The migrations change the database structure that is required for version 3.0. Once these migrations are done, you will need to roll back to an earlier version of your database in order to downgrade. Versions prior to 3.0 will not work as expected with the new data structure.

If the manual upgrade does not finish

The manual upgrade task should not take more than half a minute to complete. If it doesn't finish within a minute it is likely that the migration has failed. In this scenario it is best to disable the Refined app until we have been able to find what has caused the migration to fail. Please raise a support ticket at and attach your Jira support file to the ticket. This allows us to immediately start investigating the cause.